As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect nations across the globe, the mainstream media continues to insist, through their 24/7 coverage, that any implication of China being responsible is somehow racist or irresponsible.

This despite the virus clearly starting in China, who was subsequently reckless in their reporting as the disease spread rapidly throughout the communist-led nation.

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However, a new Harris Poll released this week indicates that a majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, believe that China is responsible for the outbreak and global pandemic.

According to the poll, 77 percent of the participants blame the Chinese government for the spread of the virus.  Republicans placed the most emphasis on China’s responsibility with 90 percent voting in agreement.

Independents weighed in with 75 percent and even registered Democrats showed their dismay with China’s actions as 67 percent blamed Beijing.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

As a result of China’s actions, along with the World health Organization’s protection for the Chinese government, relationships are expected to be severely fractured moving forward.  President Trump has spatted with WHO officials and many Americans are seeing this as an opportunity to bring jobs and manufacturing back from China so we are less reliant upon our enemies.

Let’s hope that is one positive that comes from these challenging times.