A Massachusetts family just went above and beyond to honor victims of the coronavirus pandemic in the most patriotic way possible.

Fox News reported that the Labbe family in Grafton has been planting an American flag in their front yard for each and every person that dies from COVID-19 in the state.

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“People have died in the hospital without families around, so we just wanted to give back to them,” said Melissa, one of the children in the family.

The Labbes also made sure to thank the men and women who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic, calling the doctors, nurses, and first responders the true heroes here.

Word of the family’s patriotic display has spread through the state like wildfire, and some people have been traveling from as far as an hour away just to see it. The Labbes have welcomed any and all visitors, saying they can come see the flags as long as they practice social distancing.

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“I think it’s nice for them to go through all the trouble of doing that to honor everyone,” said Janice Norsigian, a woman from Milbury whose brother-in-law died of COVID-19.

Though the tribute cost the Labbes thousands of dollars when they had already been hit hard financially by the pandemic, they have refused to accept any donations. Instead, their only worry is whether or not they will run out of room in their yard for more flags.

“We are still hoping it doesn’t go too much more, but we may have to,” Melissa said.

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Before all of this started, the Labbes were known in their community primarily for their Christmas decorations.

“We always put up Christmas decorations around Christmas time and everyone always stops by,” Melissa told Boston 25 News.

Now, the family patriarch Michael Labbe is worried that they will need to make room for both displays once Christmas arrives.

“I truly believe that this would unite us not just as neighbors not just as a family but as a country and the world,” said Michael. “That we would get united but look where we are today we are just the opposite. You don’t have to see eye to eye but we should respect and honor each other human life. At the end of the day look at these flags these poor people don’t have their life to preach that.”

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