A day after President Donald Trump delivered a stellar speech at the foot of Mount Rushmore, and we celebrate our independence, we see the voice of anarchy screaming loudly again on Twitter with #FVCKTHEFOURTH trending.

On one hand, it is not the least bit surprising given the partisan divide we are facing in the country and the emboldened rise of anarchists that we have seen this year. Further, it is not surprising to see it on Twitter, a social media giant which has unashamedly chosen to be anti-America. Still, it’s sorely disappointing and extremely confusing.

Angry citizens, who have the choice to live wherever they so choose, spout out about their hatred of this country, share stats —some legitimate, some not— and rail on America as if it is the worst, most oppressive country on the planet. Here are some examples of the “conversation” transpiring on Twitter.

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?

Okay, so our incarceration rates are high and there are undoubtedly some people who don’t deserve to be there. But I would rather have more miscreants in prison than on the streets terrorizing communities and try to adjust and improve the process as we go, not swing to the opposite end and have the inmates running wild.

Bottom line, with any issue that comes up in conversation as it pertains to America, we are not perfect. It is your expectation of perfection that disappoints you and leaves you in a state of perpetual anger. We —you included on an individual level— will never be perfect, yet America remains the most free and successful country on the planet.

So nit-pick all you want, make your wish list of change that would lead to some utopian state that could never exist, but in the end you are going to realize that while some change is needed, this is about as good as it gets. Don’t believe me? Take your anger almost anywhere else and you will see how good you had it.