As more and more cities across America descend into chaos in the wake of George Floyd’s death, it has become clear that it’s time for us to break up, America. And I don’t say that just because of the surge in violent riots, but because of our growing and irreparable history of partisan tension. Honestly, name an issue that liberals and conservatives can agree on. Quick reminder: We can’t even agree on who should be permitted in a bathroom on any given day, let alone compromise on major issues of national importance.

Before diving into all this though, let me be crystal clear on a few things:

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Black lives do matter, but so do all other lives. Saying so is neither racist nor does it indicate that you are blind to racial inequality or support one race over the other. It simply means we all matter and we all need to make this work together without shutting out other opinions and ideas. The concept of one race mattering more, or needing more attention at any given point, is implicitly racist—and juvenile.

And, in similar fashion with the above point, it is okay to have different opinions or values than someone else, as long as you can be respectful of others in the process. But therein lies the problem: gone are the days of discussions and disagreements accompanied by mutual respect. Sure, it was never perfect, but it certainly didn’t end with college students and ill-accomplished adults demanding law enforcement and those who oppose violent riots kneeling before them like General Zod in Superman II. This of course right after burning down a business owned by a black man who was already suffering like everyone else from the COVID-caused recession. Where is the sense in any of that? There is none.

Okay, back to the point of breaking up.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

We have seen this partisan tension growing and it seemed to peek in or around 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost; despite the Democratic Party and mainstream media’s best efforts to sway opinion, American wanted a change in how we did things in Washington, D.C.

As a result there has been some momentous change in how things are done in some areas, while many other processes remain unaffected and still in a state of disrepair. No one president can change everything. The system is set up as such. But since the historic win in 2016 by Donald Trump, we have seen a clearly bogus Russian investigation that was fabricated to protect individuals’ best interests and what “they thought” was best for America —not what the American people want.

We have seen a Supreme Court Justice nominee in Brett Kavanaugh drug through the mud with no evidence of wrongdoing because the court of public opinion has gained too much control and requires no supporting documentation. And, of course, everyone knows controlling the Supreme Court is more important than the White House.

We have seen an impeachment trial pushed ad nauseum in the press only to fall apart because a) there was insufficient evidence—and investigating party members have since admitted it, and b) the Democrats don’t control the Senate so it was a non-starter and a bold publicity stunt from the very beginning.

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Additionally, there was (and is) the COVID-19 pandemic, which took far too many lives, but still —according to data (remember how Democrats love science)— has an extremely low death rate and typically (not always) affected the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.

Yet, we shut down the most successful economy in history, created jobless conditions (ripe for Democrat big government messaging), disrupted families, and prevented people with actual serious conditions from getting the help they need because the COVID narrative was and is key to the Democrat tale.

And now we have seen everyone jump on board the Black Lives Matter and Antifa train again, much like they did years ago whereupon all white people were deemed privileged and evil. Ultimately, this false premise compelled some who felt they had to agree with other’s precise views and plans for change, or be called a racist.

To be clear, as it pertains to Black Lives Matter (not Antifa who are terrorists living in their parents’ basement), I think there is a lot of good the movement could do, because black lives do matter, if they weren’t a terrorist group built on and motivated by Marxist principles.

Members of the black community who feel changes are necessary should peacefully work for meaningful transformation and distance themselves as far away from BLM as possible. And let others know how they can help because, again, no one (or at least most) are not disputing that some modification is needed.

But as it stands the methods being used by BLM are in fact creating the very feelings toward their community that they are trying to eliminate. I don’t understand how people can’t see that. If you want people to listen, value your voice, and not be racist (for those that unfortunately legitimately are), don’t burn down cities, destroy businesses and kill cops. Don’t say we have to dismantle the system that gave you the freedom to go and make the ill-advised decisions that you are currently making, because you assume a more lawless, less privileged society will be better. It literally makes zero sense.

Regardless of skin color —because every race is rioting in the streets— people who are committing these heinous crimes are animals and thugs. And the people who condone or support their activity are likewise animals. May sound harsh, but it’s true and I am not sorry for thinking it or saying it.

But getting back to Democrats writ large, my point is there are two sides to every story and I get people want to have control and will do what it takes to achieve it—that is human nature. However, the lengths to which the Democrats have gone in recent years has made it clear that there is literally no interest in compromise, no interest in the good of the people, just their dictator-like ideals in the name of creating some peaceful utopian state where people don’t have to work as hard because the government will take care of you. God is NOT in control—science is, abortion is as readily available as a hot cup of coffee and you can choose to be whatever gender you want to be on any given day.

The problem is, Democrats —who once claimed to be the peace-loving party of equality who hated guns and just wanted everyone to hug it out— have become the very thing they claim to oppose: violent and power hungry. They have also failed to push the message that our constitutional right to vote is how change is brought about in America.  They talk about voting and changing laws to make it a more conducive system, but then lose their credibility when they endorse violent protests and hate speech toward Christians and conservatives.

People can bring about some (not empirical) change every four years. That has always been our system. But whether from weak parenting, poor teaching in academia, or whatever the cause, we have created generations of pampered, ungrateful individuals that are ill-equipped to handle setbacks and incapable of sustaining respectability in a situation where they don’t get exactly what they want. It’s disgraceful.

They have proven they are either unwilling or incapable of change. To be clear, many conservatives are equally as bad. So, let them behave how they want. Let them believe what they want, but let’s do it in a manner where everyone has their space to do so.

Let the United States of America be the conservative, God-fearing, constitutionally based land with borders that it was created to be, and let the Democrats create their own autonomous state that can believe whatever the issue du jour is and operate however they want. I imagine everything will be “free,” illegal immigrants will be as welcome as abortion, the media will perpetually push lies, spiritual values will be less emphasized (if at all), and guns will be banned from private ownership—but they can choose. Honestly, I don’t care and will support them doing whatever they feel is necessary in their country.

I have chatted about this before and people instantly presume violence or a battle for territory, but armed conflict is neither wanted nor necessary. We don’t need to fight. And trust us, Democrats—you don’t want to fight.

Rather, let Democrats have their metropolitan areas. They can have California and the West coast. They can have the Northeast. And they can enforce the laws that they feel are most in line with their values in whatever they call this new country of theirs, while conservatives do the same in the United States. Keep in mind: I would advocate that the far-right “conservatives” not be allowed in the United States. Since the new Democrat state likely won’t want them either, these individuals will either need to come back to reality or leave the continent entirely; their call. Bottom line: My advice would be extremists on either side should be treated as terrorists and left to fend for themselves.

Also, should one country or the other ever be threatened by a foreign actor, nothing precludes us from coming together to repel said threat. We have historically rallied together during such difficult times, and it would be logical to do the same in such an instance. To reiterate: We aren’t becoming enemies, we are just allowing each other to be who we are and abide by our own set of ideals and laws.

Now, I know what you are thinking… What about sports? What about travel? I thought this too, because I value football more than any issue that politicians rant on about on any given day. But none of that has to change. Again, we are not enemies. We are just separate autonomous nations that can adhere to our values without the constant, nagging pressure to change who we are.

Conservatives can travel from the South, or the heartland, to New York City, just like they can to Toronto.  Democrats can visit Florida beaches if they’d prefer to not fly to the West coast. Likewise, sports teams can travel from one country to another, just as we do now with the NHL and NBA having teams in Canada. It is all so doable. It just has to start with the somewhat difficult, uncomfortable, and unbelievable realization that we don’t like one another enough to work this out anymore.

Sure, there are a ton of logistics to work out, and this is not an article breaking down that element. Instead, it’s just a conversation starter emphasizing that it’s time to start drafting the divorce papers now so there is a future for both sides, rather than having everything we worked so hard for implode before us to the chagrin of our foes abroad.