Journalist and conservative blogger Andy Ngo spent Tuesday on Capitol Hill speaking with members of the Senate where he described the actions and intent of Antifa, a group he is extremely familiar with.

Ngo has been attacked several times by Antifa, with the most public incident involving a concrete “milkshake” being thrown as his head.

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He informed members of a Senate subcommittee that Antifa’s violence would continue until some form of intervention occurred, specifically saying the following.

“Unless we take action, what is happening in Portland today, will soon be happening in cities across the country.”

He continued, “Antifa’s goal is not only to abolish the criminal justice system it is to bring down the republic itself.”

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Federal officials, including Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, also took part in the meeting describing the scene in Portland.

As was done during the House Judiciary hearing with AG Barr last week when Rep. Jim Jordan played a video showing just how violent the protests were, Sen. Ted Cruz showed his own montage of violence across the country.

The theme pushed by Republican Senators mirrored that of Mr. Ngo, emphasizing that while everyone has the right to their opinion, destroying property, federal or otherwise, is not acceptable and actions to defend property and citizens must be taken.

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A great deal of controversy and debate has occurred since DHS agents were sent to Portland to protect the federal courthouse.  The move came after several weeks of violence and repeated attempts to breach and destroy federal property by Antifa terrorists.

Individuals on the left continue to call the activities in Portland and other U.S. cities “peaceful,” but everyday Americans and conservative officials have pushed back, emphasizing the importance of enforcing our nation’s laws.

Thankfully we have individuals like Mr. Ngo who put their lives in danger to report from the front lines and show us the mayhem and violence that the mainstream media refuses to show the American public.