As you look through the outrageous, anger-filled and ignorant posts on Twitter on a daily basis, you see that America’s opponents —Antifa, Black Lives Matter— and the Democrats that support them truly do not see the irony in their behavior and hateful words. The same is true as you watch the violence they create and condone in Democrat cities across America.

The Democrats have always claimed to be the party of love, equality and respect for minorities, yet they have done literally nothing for minority communities in Democrat strongholds like Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, and the like.

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And to be clear, these are not cities that teeter-totter back and forth between Republican and Democrat leadership.  No, they are and always have been led by Democrats. Look up the last time a Republican mayor served in any of America’s major cities, like Chicago. Then think about whether you should be mad at conservatives for your situation or the Democrats who have kept you down and brought about zero change.

But beyond not doing anything for minority communities —other than offering empty promises during election years, as we continue to see— if you disagree with Democrats, they lash out. Their hatred and intolerance becomes crystal clear. They become violent in the streets and pout like adolescents.

So the myth of Democrats caring about people and being the party of love is most definitely busted.

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All this is heightened in 2020 as we approach the November election and see not only the most division our country has ever endured, but scenes unfolding in America’s streets which were once reserved for the world’s most lawless, underprivileged third-world countries. The insurrection we are seeing in Portland, for example, makes Afghanistan look like a honeymoon destination.

But when you question liberals about their behavior, they either deny it’s happening (which is hilarious to me) or they lash out and call you a racist, fascist, Nazi, etc. who hates homosexuals and cats, all because you asked why it’s inexplicably okay to throw explosives at police officers. They literally have lost their minds, and launching attacks is the only club in their bag that they know how to use.

Their anger and violence supposedly stems from living under “oppression” and the rule of a fascist dictator and his supporters.

But calling conservatives Nazis and fascists is the most lazy excuse for a comeback, and it’s deeply ironic. Their hope, which sadly works since most of the people in the street clearly do not understand how the world works or how good they have it, is just an attempt to confuse people from realizing the anarchists in the streets are literally the fascists accepting nothing but their ideals and ways—anything else is considered insurrection and worthy of violence.

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Google and others have even modified their definition in recent years to call fascism a “far right” ideology, which is purely absurd and shows the increasingly blatant bias among big-tech companies that once was a “myth”—though we all knew it to be true. Now, they are unafraid to say it, and definitely willing to execute a plan that subtly convinces naïve Americans that the Constitution, Christianity and other values that this great nation was founded upon are wrong and need rethinking.

So let’s look at a definition of fascism which essentially describes a tyrannical form of government.

Fascism is a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

This is one of the most broad, non-partisan versions that I could find online today, and it came from

So again, despite arguments about who employs fascism, it is essentially tyranny. Certainly there have been some horrible historical instances of fascist leaders around the globe, but their story —despite what an angry, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal would tell you— does not mirror America’s story.

Undeniably, America is the most free country on the planet. It is dictator-less and allows its media and people to say whatever the hell they want without reprisal, barring obvious and extreme examples such as threatening the president or sharing classified material, etc.

It does not give the president ultimate, authoritarian power. Our system is based upon a series of checks and balances, and equally applies whether a Republican or Democrat is in the White House.

President Trump, for example, has among the most impressive performance numbers in multiple categories of any president in the history of the United States. Still, he is the most criticized and attacked president in the history of our country because of a multitude of reasons.

Democrats and RINOs alike do not appreciate the fact that he doesn’t care about their establishment rules, citizens listen to exaggerated stories from far-left-leaning publications, or people hate his tweets and think he is not presidential.

The reality though is that despite his critics, the American people voted him in because they wanted change and a CEO type of figure running the country.

He was not elected for his looks, his spiritual values, his moral values or anything other than the fact that he wanted to keep our country safe, run it more efficiently, and return it to greatness.

Some will say he’s done just that while others will continue to despise him. Both are entitled to their opinions, but those who disagree with him can work with their party and the populous to vote him out in November, if that is what they truly wish. That’s how our country was created, with a system which has been in place since its inception. We are a constitutional Republic, and while you can argue there are class systems in terms of income and power, everyone is allowed to vote and there are no dictators oppressing the people.

Still, the president is assaulted on a daily basis, yet he shows up and keeps doing his job in the face of it all. Sure, he has called the media fake news—which most of it is , conservatives included— but neither he nor any other American president has oppressed its people. The media has not been suppressed and so forth and so on.

Try doing in China or Russia (or any other more oppressive state) what MSNBC and CNN do to Trump in America. China has a social credit system, and in both countries people disappear when they go against the grain. We have it good here, people. It’s not perfect, but it’s good.

Yet Democrats and their proxy groups, one of which —Antifa, already designated as a terrorist group— push their false narrative, ironically in a country that allows them to do ALL the things a fascist would not allow.

In fact, many argue that Antifa is the most fascist and tyrannical group on the planet, as they are completely unwilling to accept other ideas and mandate that the mob rules…as they incite mayhem in the streets.

So again, I say America is the most free country on the planet. You are entitled to have your own opinions, but you are not entitled to break the law, terrorize communities, burn buildings and assault police officers. We have elections and a process by which people can bring about change, use it, or exercise the only other option which will be far more devastating to all sides.