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Pelosi loses and Trump wins in mail-in ballot court fight

Nancy Pelosi has called the post office “election central” because she knows that USPS union member executed ballot fraud is her insurance against a Trump victory. Even if the president seems a clear winner in November mail-in votes can be used to launch lawsuits that challenge the legitimate results of the election.


So Pelosi could not have been too happy Thursday with this court ruling. Just the News reports, “An Iowa judge’s ruling invalidating 50,000 requests for absentee ballots because an election official pre-filled voters’ personal information. That has handed President Trump’s campaign an early win in its fight against expanded mail-in balloting…Judge Ian Thornhill this week ruled Linn County Auditor Joel Miller, a Democrat, overstepped his bounds by pre-entering personal information in the ballots mailed out to county voters. Miller has been ordered to void the original ballot requests and inform voters in writing they must process new absentee ballots or show up to the polls to vote in person.”

Democrats are also counting on states without voter identification to allow union members and left wing activists to show up at various polls claiming to be different people. In that way, without any way to prove they are not who they claim to be, these election fraudsters can vote numerous times at numerous polling places in the names of numerous people. How do they know who to claim to be? They scan publicly available voting records to note people who haven’t voted for the last 2-3 elections. Though still on the voter rolls, these people have likely either died or moved. Thus, they will not be showing up at the polls. This is standard operating procedure in every Democrat-controlled major city in America. That is one of the reasons Democrats have a stranglehold on municipal elections in those cities. Republicans complain and sue, but compliant Democrat local judges throw their cases out of court.

On top of those maneuvers, the Democrats are likely to employ ballot harvesting in November. They successfully used that tactic to steal several Republican U.S. House seats in California in 2018. Ballot harvesting is the discovery of supposedly missing paper ballots after the polls have closed. The new ballots are magically in just the number and selection to put a Democrat, who was losing before these ballots arrived, in the lead and give them the election win. Welcome to democracy.