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Portland Police Association Says “Portland is Lost” if Mayor Doesn’t Step Up and Lead Now

For over 70 nights Portland has been under siege by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and their sympathizers.

Police and federal officers have done all they can to quell the violence, but that’s where the problem lies.  Mayor Ted Wheeler and newly installed Attorney General Mike Schmidt aren’t leading, and aren’t giving officers the ability to end the violence.  They aren’t condemning it and charging these violent criminals with the litany of crimes committed each and every night, but are rather condoning it, sometimes through their words, and always through their inaction.

Though Wheeler has made more comments as of late about how the violence will only get Donald Trump re-elected, which may be the only thing he has gotten right as his city descends into chaos, he still has done nothing to stop the violent rioting.

Now the Portland Police Association has issued another, even more dire statement to the city’s leadership, change your stance on the violence, or “Portland is lost.”

You can see the post from the PPA below.

In response to the riots in East Portland the past two nights, the PPA has sent a letter to Mayor Wheeler and District…

Posted by Portland Police Association [1] on Friday, August 7, 2020 [2]

Part of the post reads:

I am disgusted that our City has come to this. If it is acceptable for rioters to commit acts of violence against community members and to try and burn down occupied buildings, and if this conduct is allowed to continue, then Portland is lost.

Our communities demand accountability. That includes you two being accountable to the public. Allow our Police Officers to do the job they swore an oath to do, to stop crime and the fear of crime. Use the criminal justice system to hold criminals accountable for their crimes with actual consequences.

Let the Police Chief, his command staff, and the rank-and-file officers do their jobs in protecting the City from the rioters who are bent on destroying our City, burning our police precincts, and assaulting officers or anyone else who gets in their way.

We have shared countless videos demonstrating just how violent the city has become over the last several months.  Here is the scene from last night.