Over the last week alone, there have been countless stories written about Portland and the lawless frontier it has become. Riots and looting rage on as Democrats do nothing more than blame the president and ask for more money, and don’t dare offer to help them restore law and order to American cities. But is it as bad as reports are making it out to be? Are placing like Portland and Minneapolis too far gone to be saved?

Portland citizen Henry Kirim didn’t think his city was beyond saving, that was until his house was broken into, child held hostage, and the police didn’t show until 90 minutes after the incident. For Kirim, the ninety minutes seemed like a lifetime as his 12-year-old child’s life was in the hands of a stranger who had a knife to the boy’s throat.

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The nightmare started when Kirim stepped outside to retrieve an item from his car. When he did, a stranger rushed into his house and locked the door behind him. In the following minutes, the stranger would hold the boy hostage while Kirim and neighbors called the police and forced themselves back into the apartment.

Luckily, the boy wasn’t injured, and the suspect was apprehended by the witnesses, but since the police were so late – the suspect broke free and fled the scene. Now, Kirim is demanding answers as to why the police were being so negligent, but are they to blame?

In recent weeks, protesters have cried, screamed, and yelled for police forces around America to be defunded. President Trump knows what a lawless America will look like. His campaign ran an ad that shows a police caller being put on hold while their life is in danger. The Democrats quickly labeled the ad as a fear tactic, trying to scare people into voting for him. But here we are – life imitating art, and what are the Democrats doing? They’re too busy trying to not only defund the police but also America as they give into to socialism.

While Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to the violence raging in the cities, it’s clear more stories like Kirim’s will start to circulate. The difference of opinions will always be the cornerstone of America, but it is law and order that give us that freedom, and without it – chaos.