Not a single week can go by without Antifa making the news for their so-called peaceful protests or freebie looting. Well, this might be something new, but Antifa members attacked a pro-Trump member who was supposedly part of a racist faction. The problem with Antifa is they act first then ask questions, because the man they attacked was, in fact, there to support Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The incident started when news that the Proud Boys, a white supremacist hate group, planned a rally near Clark Park. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Social media posts claimed there was a Proud Boys presence at the park, with members saying they were there disguised as journalists to gather information about leftist activists, but they did not engage in organized demonstrations. A Proud Boys social media page claimed the event, which had been promoted for at least two weeks, was always intended to be a fake and was a ploy to expose Antifa violence.”

Believe a group of Proud Boys was going to be present, over 500 locals arrived showing support for BLM. The problem was – there was nobody to oppose them, so what did they do? A member turned on content creator James Klug and slammed a baseball bat on the ground, trying to intimidate him. The video below shows the encounter.

What followed was the Antifa crowd mistaking Klug for a Pro-Trump supporter. While that shouldn’t matter, the crowd quickly turned on Klug and what followed was nothing short of a mob mentality.

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Klug tried to return to his car but was followed by a group of Antifa members. The members sought to hurt Klug as they beat the side panels of the car and even broke the back windshield out while a frightened dog struggled to understand what was happening. Still, the members continued to block the car from leaving even after yelling “Get the f*** out of here, motherf***er!”

Finally, the man was able to escape and drive off without much bodily harm, but that still didn’t stop one member from throwing a rock at the car.

What is constantly being seen from the leftists is no longer a difference of opinion – it is an outright attack on Americans and their values. What if Klug was a Trump supporter? Does that give them the right to attack a person just because they don’t agree with them? While it has yet to be seen, the police should be notified, and charges pressed because this is a straightforward hate crime.