With the first presidential debate weeks away, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been parading around America, trying to sell voters on his version of democracy, which sounds more like socialism. Already nervous to meet President Trump on stage, Biden received another shocking blow when a documentary aired showing the influence China has had over the Biden Family for decades.

The documentary “Riding the Dragon,” which was produced by Lightspeed Pictures and Blaze Media, features journalist Peter Schweizer’s evidence against the Biden family found in New York Bestsellers “Secret Empires” and “Profiles in Corruption.”

As for the so-called evidence, the six-chapter documentary talks about different deals the Biden family made with the Chinese government. One such deal included China investing more than $1 billion in the fund Bohai Harvest. The fund just so happened to be co-owned by Hunter Biden. He alone is speculated to have profited millions while his father served as vice president and mediator on the deal.

While the Hunter Biden investment firm isn’t new to anyone within the political spectrum, Riding the Dragon does present a treasure trove of unknown details including:

  • Biden’s firm helped China control the world’s strategic metals
  • The firm invested in Chinese surveillance technology
  • The firm owns a company that gives technology to the Chinese military.
  • The firm invested in a Chinese nuclear company that was stealing secrets from the U.S.

In late 2019, Hunter Biden resigned from the China investment firm after receiving pressure from voters. While stepping away seemed to satisfy most, the documentary claims Joe Biden remains to hold ownership in the firm. Schweizer says, “Hunter Biden’s Chinese investment stands to be worth even more as its China partnership prospers.”

Released on YouTube, “Riding the Dragon” can be streamed on any mobile device and is completely free.

Are you embarrassed to have Joe Biden as America's "President"?