The left continuously proves they don’t care how well President Trump performs, they will always go against him and his administration. The most recent example of defilement happened when President Trump named Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court Nominee. One critic, a New York Times Journalist, took to twitter and slammed Barrett for being nothing more than a loving mother to seven kids.

The incident unfolded on September 26, when writer Vanessa Grigoriadis heard about President Trump’s nominee. She quickly went to twitter and professed how she couldn’t understand a person being a professional businesswoman and a loving mother at the same time. The tweet garnered over 18,000 shares at it soon went viral, with many attacking Grigoriadis’s stance on women.

The tweets in question read, “I guess one of the things I don’t understand about Amy Coney Barrett is how a potential Supreme Court justice can also be a loving, present mom to seven kids? Is this like the Kardashians stuffing nannies in the closet and pretending they’ve drawn their own baths for their kids. And if there aren’t enough hours in the day for her to work and mother those kids, when she portrays herself as a home-centered Catholic who puts family over career, isn’t she telling a lie?”

An interesting stance from a journalist who boasts herself online as specializing in sexual power dynamics in America. Yet, her stance on Barrett seems to go against everything she would normally write about, proving just how far the left will go to disapprove of President Trump.

After being posted, thousands of users commented on the topic with one user calling Grigoriadis out. The writer claimed, “I had 2 children in medical school, 1 in residency, one immediately after. I have 4 emotionally healthy married adult children raising their own families now. A strong marriage and a strong faith in God was important in the process.”

Shortly after hundreds of more comments, Grigoriadis changed her stance and got rid of the posts, now calling Barrett “an inspiration and girl boss.”

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Interesting, since this isn’t the first time Grigoriadis has fallen into hot water over her writing. In 2019, Madonna said she felt “raped” by the article Grigoriadis wrote about her, which focused on her age. Over her career on twitter, Grigoriadis has been accused by users of being anti-religious, sexist, and even attacking working mothers who do nothing else but provide for their families.