This article is based on two premises. One, the president and Mitch McConnell can get a Supreme Court nominee in front of the Senate in time for a vote before the election, though a lame duck confirmation is a theoretical possibility. Two, that nominee will be Judge Amy Coney Barrett, as it should be.

Though, a Facebook friend very familiar with the process has a hamster named Pinky. This hamster has just pronounced, while hanging upside down in her cage, that the nominee will be Judge Barbara Lagoa. Pinky was the replacement for Death Star the Magnificent (the hamster with an amazing 100% accuracy for judicial nominees and sports betting). Thus, we take this rodents’s counsel much more seriously than that of my former pet, Hamsterus Gloriosus, who couldn’t even call the 1972 Democrat nomination fight for McGovern. I mean, Muskie. Really?…But, we digress.

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Barrett has several things going for her. She’s a woman who would fill a seat vacated by a woman, thus negating that attack by the Democrats. She’s highly telegenic, has a great family, and a spotless personal and professional record. She’s also adopted two girls from Haiti, which can forestall some of the inevitable racist slurs. She is a strong conservative and young.

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Politically, on the other hand, her clean personal and professional reputation will make the Democrats loathe her all the more. She’s Catholic and Democrats have already attacked judicial candidates on that basis. She’s very pro-life, which will bring out the abortion on demand harridans and may lose her the votes of Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in the Senate.

And that’s where the Democrats will go, highly negative on Catholicism and pro-life. But that could boomerang on them big time and enhance Catholic and pro-life voter turnout in the fall. The Democrats will paint the Catholic church as an archaic evil conspiracy of old men and reactionaries hell bent on establishing a Gilead-like theocracy. If only…

Not since the Know Nothings and the Klan will a Catholic undergo this kind of political abuse from prominent politicians. John Kennedy got some of it in 1960. But this will make that seem timid. But Catholic women out there are a tough bunch and would not take kindly to having one of their own put through a religious ringer. And then there’s the gender issue. How does the ersatz party of women rationalize the beat down they are getting ready to give Amy Coney Barrett? If they go too far, and they will, they risk a Newtonian Third Law reaction from accomplished women and suburban women.

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So they might just focus, as the risk is more acceptable, on the pro-life angle with a side nod to ideological balance on the court. No matter what they do it will be bloody. Stay tuned.