The president was in Florida at a Latin voter outreach event on Friday. He is making a particular push for the Puerto Rican vote. Long considered a Democrat bloc, because of recent Trump moves this voting group could be in play for the president.

“In 1996, Biden voted for a tax bill that obliterated Puerto Rico’s thriving pharmaceutical industry and sent thousands of jobs to China,” Trump said at the event. “I will reverse Biden’s catastrophic decision.”

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“He will surrender America to the Castro-Chavez-inspired socialists running his party,” Trump said about Biden. “The Obama-Biden administration’s horrendous Cuba policy betrayed the Cuban people and enriched the Castro regime. I ended that pro-Castro sellout,” he added for the benefit of Florida’s largest Latin voting group.

The president will he helped in his Puerto Rican outreach effort by recent administration action to help the island recover from Hurricane Maria. The White House announced earlier this month, “Under the leadership of President Trump, FEMA will award almost $13 billion to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid system and spur recovery of the territory’s education system—the largest obligations of funding ever awarded…Together, these grants exceed the total Public Assistance funding in any single federally-declared disaster other than Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy…With the grant awards announced today, the Federal Government will have obligated approximately $26 billion for Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria. Today’s grant announcements represent some of the largest awards in FEMA’s history for any single disaster recovery event and demonstrate in the Federal Government’s continuing commitment to help rebuild the territory and support the citizens of Puerto Rico and their recovery goals.”

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Even veteran liberal journalist Geraldo Rivera, who is Puerto Rican, is impressed, “President Trump this week drew our attention back to Puerto Rico with the first burst of good news about that troubled island in decades. His announcement Friday afternoon of a historic $13 billion school aid and manufacturing development package has the potential to breathe life into a hurricane-battered, melancholy place…He has promised to rebuild and restore the island’s woeful public schools, more significantly, he has pledged to reinstitute the legislation that subsidized the island’s industries.” Puerto Rican voters will appreciate the aid to the island and the attention of the leader of a party that has largely ignored them in the past. It could pay dividends for the president in November.