As news broke that President Trump and the First Lady had contracted COVID-19, the world seemed to stop and react accordingly. Many felt remorse and sent love and prayers to the family as they fight the illness that has already killed over 200,000 in the U.S. alone. But not all were concerned as the Democrats appeared to be praising the President getting sick, with some wishing death on him. A new poll even shows outstanding percentages of Democrats are excited that Trump has COVID.

Politics aside, COVID-19 has crippled the economy, halted the world, and destroyed families altogether. For any person that has it, the symptoms and constant struggle to breathe is something they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy, yet here are the Democrats praising their opponent who has contracted one of the worst viruses in the last century.

As for the poll numbers, 55% of Republicans said they were “sad” about the news while 51% of them were “worried” about his health. But what about Democrats? Well, 41% did say they were indifferent about it, but that still left 40% claiming to be “Happy” about the diagnosis.

The new poll, done by the Morning Consult, shows just how out of sync and deranged the Democrat party is becoming. Their constant war on losing the 2016 election has made them forget what matters most. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is about the people – it’s about America.

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When a poll shows that 31% of Democrats are literally excited that the President could die is unsettling. These are people we put in power, the people we trust with making the decisions that will change not just our lives but the lives of our children.

What do the people think about Trump’s sickness? A separate poll showed that 49% of registered voters were concerned about Trump’s health and worried the economy would suffer due to his absence. This is because no matter what the Democrats say, Trump is doing a fantastic job and while COVID diagnosis was unfortunate, doctors are optimistic he will recover and be back in the oval office in no time.