The Democrats want you to believe states like California are full of nothing but liberals who want nothing to do with President Trump. They fill their news hours with bashing the President and everything he has done for the American people. Well, it seems not everybody is listening in California as a huge MAGA rally took place in Beverly Hills with just 9 days to go before the election.

The rally, that can be seen below, surprisingly isn’t the first event to happen in the city of stardom and fame. The latest event took place on October 10, but there were at least two other pro-Trump rallies held in similar locations.

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Again, this is the news the Democrats don’t want to share. They continually attack the right using the Black Lives Matter and Antifa as their fronts. On several occasions, Trump supporters have been beaten and even killed for what they believe, yet it is the right that is harboring all the hate? President Trump has done nothing but try and bring this country together and try to make it something great, but the left doesn’t want that, why? Because they lost an election in 2016.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

With the media only showcasing the left and the polls highlighting Biden, it can be difficult and lonely to be a Trump supporter. But that is why news like this is so important. You are not alone. The country will not fall into despair just because a pack of liberals are upset their candidate didn’t win.

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You can Make America Great by doing one simple thing – vote! Don’t listen to the polls or people, walk in there and do your part. The silent majority can make up 87 million people spanned over 49 states. That’s what Trump did in 2016 and with your help, he can do it again in 2020.

Among those that attended the MAGA rally in Beverly Hills was Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. He loved the event and even tweeted, “This is happening in BEVERLY HILLS. Are we really supposed to believe Biden is up 14 points?”

Even Biden’s own campaign is worried the 14-point supposed lead will cause many voters not to turn out and force more voters to go with Trump. With just a handful of days to go before election night, it appears the Democrats are worried as MAGA takes flight once again.