With the help from the Democrats, Joe Biden has all but envisioned himself as the savior America needs. From his humble beginning to his college years, there isn’t a time where Biden wasn’t supposedly fighting segregation. The sad truth is most if not all of it is exaggerated…plainly put – he’s lying. Throughout his campaign, Biden has been caught numerous times stretching the truth. His most recent blunder happened when a church Biden said he went to has no memory of him going there.

Just yesterday, Biden not only forgot Mitt Romney’s name and referred to him as the “Mormon” but he also thought he was elected senator over 100 years ago. It’s safe to say when it comes to Joe Biden, some serious underlining factors should disqualify him as a potential nominee, yet here is his.

While on the campaign trail, Biden decided to connect with some locals by telling them a story of how he helped fight segregation back in the 60s. As the story goes, when Biden was a teenager, he attended a black church near Wilmington, Delaware. In his own words, “I got raised in the black church. We would go sit in Rev. Herring’s church, sit there before we’d go out, and try to change things when I was a kid in college and in high school.”

The church Biden is referring to is the Union Baptist Church, which was a dominant African American Church overseen by Rev. Otis Herring. At least Biden was able to get that right. As for the rest, well that is where it all falls apart because Biden was friends with Rev. Herring, just not when he was a teenager. Biden wouldn’t befriend the reverend until much later into adulthood.

Even members of the church are speaking out against Biden’s claims. Herring’s own assistant Phyllis Drummond, who spent 39 years at the church, can’t seem to recall ever seeing Biden. When talking about his past, Drummond said, “No. Not at our building. I think he was probably in Claymont, Delaware, or in Pennsylvania then”.

With weeks to go before election night, there is still plenty of time for Biden to make more half-hearted claims as he tries pandering to the Black voters. Biden already claimed that George Floyd’s death had more of an impact than MLK’s assassination. Time and time again Biden has proven that he will practically do or say anything if it will get him elected.