Since COVID-19 hit the United States, the economy has struggled to regain its footing. Local businesses have gone under while bigger chains try to adapt to a post-COVID lifestyle. Well, it appears not all markets are dwindling as gun sales are soaring through the roof as more and more people are concerned about their safety. Most recently, Democratic California, known to be an anti-gun haven, has seen record numbers in new gun owners and ammunition sales.

California has always been a state of so-called free thinkers. These people would love for you to believe they are “woke”, but new statistics show they care just as much about the second amendment as the Republicans. The new study claims there were 110,000-gun purchases in the state of California during the pandemic. Of those 110,000, a surprising 47,000 were purchased by a first-time gun owner.

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Writing for the Washington Free Beacon, journalist Stephen Gutowski believes he knows the reason behind the recent spike in gun sales. He says, “The most common reason given for firearm acquisition in response to the pandemic was worry about lawlessness…, followed by worry about prisoner releases…, the government going too far…, government collapse…, and gun stores closing. Reasons for ammunition purchases in response to the pandemic were similar.”

Wow! Lawlessness, prisoner release, and the government going too far? There is no way these accusations could be remotely true. It almost sounds like the Golden State is worried that their government might not have their best interest in mind. California, better than any other state, should know what happens when you let Democrats in. Constant wildfires and energy blackouts have plagued the city on top of the coronavirus. Not to mention the meaningless lockdowns that over 6,000 scientists said are “not working” and should stop.

California isn’t the only state to make waves throughout America when it comes to gun sales. In total, roughly 10 million guns were sold in the United States to first-time gun owners. If the trend continues, gun sales could break all-time records as both the Republicans and Democrats remain locked in a dead heat for the Presidency of the United States.