Since the election process started, the Democrats have painted the Republicans as degenerates who do nothing but go around starting fights and burning down buildings. The interesting fact is not only are the left the ones behind the attacks and arson, but it also appears they might be behind voter suppression according to California Representative Devin Nunes.

Nunes’s attack on the Democratic party comes days after a mobile home with signs supporting Trump and Nunes was set ablaze. This isn’t the first time a display of Trump’s was destroyed using fire in California.

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Before the mobile home, a tower of hay bales with posters supporting Trump and disapproving of socialism was also set on fire and is still being investigated by local police. While the police are keeping quiet on the matter, Nunes is taking a much louder approach by blasting the arson photos all over twitter.

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Two incidents of arson within a month in the same state. For Nunes, this is more than people disproving of someone’s political opinion – it’s a hard case of voter suppression that needs to be dealt with. Seeking reelection in the 22nd congressional district of California, Nunes sees the attacks as personal and could potentially scare off voters who might take the attacks as threats. While this isn’t the first time displays have been vandalized, it is interesting that it would happen in an area known for leaning red.

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According to Pollsters, President Trump swept the area by nearly 10 points back in 2016. While a small victory, it would help lead Trump to eventually beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in one of the most political upsets in history.

With the election nearing, Nunes and many other Republicans fear that movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter will continue to go unchecked. With the Democrats unwilling to denounce the violence, their voters are left to do whatever they seem fit. What is that exactly? A quick look at Portland gives you a good idea of what type of America the left wants. Lost lives, torched buildings, dwindling economy – these are the traits of a Democrat-ran state.