With attention focused elsewhere, on the Barrett hearings, the stimulus, and the virus, Americans are voting by mail in record numbers. Those ballots are being transported and secured by members of the postal union, a union seriously aligned with the Democrat Party. The opportunity for ballot fraud is massive. In fact, more ballots, real or fake, have already been cast than will likely be the margin of popular vote victory for the winning candidate for president.

Also, people vote at a greater rate and with more enthusiasm when they’re upset. So either the greater number means they are upset at potential Democrat authoritarian socialism or at President Trump. Time will tell, probably by January. Probably in the courts.

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A group is monitoring the mail-in voting turnout. Fox News gives details, “The more than 10.5 million total ballots cast as of Tuesday already suggests a record turnout for this year’s race compared to the 1.4 million ballots that were cast at a similar time in 2016, according to data from the United States Elections Project.”

“That’s unprecedented in a modern election in the United States,” said Elections Project founder and University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald.

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McDonald commented, “The number of early ballots cast so far represents 7.6% of the total national voter turnout in 2016. Six states, however, have already reached more than 20% of their 2016 voter tunrout as of Tuesday, including Minnesota (21.4%), South Dakota (24.9%), Vermont (28.5%), Virginia (24.5%), Wisconsin (22.8%) and Wyoming (21.5%). Flordia has seen the largest turnout by far with nearly 1.7 million ballots cast as of Friday, or 17.4% of its total 2016 turnout. Swing state Michigan has also recorded hundreds of thousands of submitted ballots; voter turnout reached more than 965,000 on Tuesday, or 19.8% of the state’s 2016 ballot count.”

McDonald said he “expected some things to be different since states changed their laws to accommodate voters amid the pandemic…70 million mail-in ballots [are] expected to go out to voters ahead of Nov. 3…People did not have to take advantage of this. But many people already have.”

Democrats have requested nearly 22.4 million ballots while Republicans have requested more than 13 million — a 9.2 million ballot request lead based on data from states reporting party registration including California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Utah. That could bode ill for one of the candidates. But which one?

“Just because registered Democrats are leading Republicans in early voting, that does not mean the Republicans will not make up ground on Election Day,” McDonald wrote. “Registered Democrats typically lead Republicans during early voting, and Republicans vote on Election Day, a pattern that persists across many states and elections.” Weather will also play a role in voting in person. Bad weather benefits Republicans, as many Democrats take public transportation to polling places and bad weather can discourage them from venturing forth. Republicans generally use private transportation to get to the polls and thus can traverse most weather conditions.

McDonald thinks there are two possible scenarios at play, “The first is that many voters have successfully flattened the curve on mail-in ballots, meaning election officials will be able to more accurately process ballots…The second scenario is the U.S. following a typical pattern, and as Election Day appears, we’ll see unprecedented [in-person] turnout for the election.”

Every one of these mail-in votes went through postal union members. Is it possible Democrat preemptive ballot harvesting has started and that is the reason the numbers are so inflated compared to 2016? If the Democrats get their way we may never find out.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 14, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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