With the final countdown to the election already underway, the Democrats are busily working to secure enough votes to win the White House for Joe Biden. But according to Newt Gingrich, it is already too late. While Biden may win the popular vote just like Hillary Clinton did back in 2016, President Trump is looking ahead at the long game – the electoral college. And just like in 2016, the electoral college appears to be in favor of none other than President Trump.

One tactic the Democrats have used throughout this election is meddling with the polls. They claim that Biden has a commanding lead over President Trump. Surprisingly, given the fact that not only 56% of people believe they are better off now than four years ago, but President Trump has been campaigning around the clock. Ohio, Florida, Arkansas. And that is sometimes in a single day.

But as mentioned before, Newt Gingrich believes the extra campaigning has paid off because he currently calculates President Trump winning the election with 326 electoral votes. That is far past the amount need to secure the presidency. Gingrich went on to say, “He has a better likelihood than he did at this stage in 2016 when he was clearly behind and closing rapidly. The people I trust the most, the pollsters that have been the most accurate over the last 5 or 6 years who seem to understand the dynamics of the age of Trump.”

What poll is he talking about exactly? That would be RealClearPolitics, the same poll dates back to 2000 with a former trader and account executive. Gingrich didn’t stop there as he went on to describe the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. He said, “I think every day that Biden hides and Trump goes out and campaigns, the psychological message being driven to the American people is really deeper than just ideology or partisanship. It says one guy has the guts, the willingness, the toughness to actually be out here, taking on things including Covid. The other guy is hiding, frightened, hoping the news media will save him because he can’t possibly save himself.”

Directly on message and to the point, Gingrich brings up a solid point that it takes a strong, competent person to run the greatest country in the world, and no matter what side of the aisle you sit on – it isn’t Biden.