The Democrats knew they made a mistake when Biden stumbled on his first speech. Since then, they have been on damage control, trying to figure a way to get him into the White House. Recently, the Democrats called on Former President Barrack Obama to hit the campaign trail for his old buddy Joe Biden. Well, it seems Obama might be a little out of his depth when he not only defended Black Lives Matter but praised them even though the movement is shrouded with looting, violence, and murder.

On Tuesday, Obama decided to speak at a drive-in rally in Orlando, Florida. While the crowd waited for the former president to show up, Obama appeared to be a little off his game. Obama is remembered for being a passionate speaker with a silver tongue, yet when the time came to support Biden, Obama faltered by saying he supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

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When talking about the Biden family, Obama said, “They understand that protest is not un-American. This country was founded on protesting against injustice,” he went on to praise the people for “joining together to declare — in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state — that Black Lives Matter no more but no less.”

Since the killing of George Floyd back in May, several cities around the country have been overrun with protests. While there is nothing wrong with protesting peacefully, Black Lives Matter has not protested peacefully. A quick search on YouTube and it is easy to see that this movement is followed by a gang of Marxists who want nothing more than to tear down the very structure of American society. Besides protesting, BLM has also looted businesses, attacked police, and even killed a person who didn’t agree with their stance, yet according to Obama – they are exactly what America needs.

Again, this is the problem when it comes to the Democrats. They don’t want to condemn the violence or movement because they want their votes. As sad as it is, the Democrats don’t care about the American people or even Black lives. All they care about are votes plain and simple. It isn’t about doing what is best for the country – it is only ever about winning.