When it comes to illegal immigration, nobody is tougher than President Donald Trump. Since his election, the President has made it his top priority to keep America safe while boosting one of the largest economies in the world. To add to his growing list of accomplishments, close to 300 immigrants were arrested trying to cross the border in less than 18 hours, proving just how crucial border protection is.

The whole incident took place starting on October 13th when agents with the Laredo South Station, Homeland Security, and the Webb County Sheriff’s Office joined forces to execute a search on a nearby residence. What they found inside shocked even the veteran officers as they discovered 123 people stashed inside. All the individuals were not only from Mexico, but the living conditions were horrid, leading some to believe this could be the cause for the COVID-19 recent spread.

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One official said, “In all of the incidents, none of the individuals were wearing any personal protective equipment. These callous and dangerous acts are several examples of the lack of regard human smugglers have for those they exploit for profit.”

Continuing with their operations, hours later agents would search another home where they would not only apprehend a known sex offender but arrest another 13 illegal immigrants. While all 13 of the immigrants were from Mexico, several American citizens believed to be behind the operation were also taken into custody.

The third and final incident took place thanks to man’s best friend – a dog. While searching a local trailer, a special canine unit focused its attention on what was inside. With the help of officers, the hatch was opened and another 74 illegal immigrants trying to get to America were found. The canine unit didn’t stop there as they stopped another tractor-trailer with an additional 84 illegals smuggled inside.

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With over 300 immigrants in custody, officials had the painstaking tasks of finding out where the majority of these people are coming from. While most of them were coming out of Mexico, officials did find people ranging from Guatemala to El Salvador.

This huge win for the border patrol comes after President Trump continues to push for his wall to be complete before he leaves office. With over 400 miles of wall already built, President Trumps hopes to have another 900 by the end of 2022.