Well, the supposed Russia meddling with Hunter’s email was short-lived. Over the past couple of days, the Democrats have been on damage control about the Hunter Biden email scandal. As Joe Biden continued to campaign as if nothing happened, the nation waited to see what the Democrats were going to say, and they didn’t disappoint. The Russians were to blame, or at least that’s what the Democrats want you to believe. But new evidence from the repair shop shows proof that it was Hunter Biden not the Russians behind the emails.

Since Biden was confronted in front of his plane, the main rebuttal for the Democrats has been a smear campaign designed to attack Biden’s recovering son. For those that don’t know, Hunter Biden had a little bit of a drug problem before he got into politics and selling time with his dad to the Ukrainians. While the Biden family has been able to deny these claims due to lack of evidence, a single receipt was discovered at the repair shop, and guess who’s name is on it – Hunter Biden.

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While it isn’t surprising that Hunter was officially behind the emails, it does give weight to the growing investigation into Biden’s business affairs. The entire time, Biden and his campaign have denied all accusations, but now there is a so-called smoking gun. Concrete evidence that not only was it Hunter’s computer, but Biden knew about it, lied to America, and profited off of it. And to top it all off – this man is still being considered for the presidency of the United States.

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As the FBI continues their investigation, it is only a matter of time before more evidence and details emerge. But for now, we can all rest a little easier knowing that Vladimir Putin isn’t secretly tapping into politician’s computers and leaking confidential emails. Come to find out, the truth is much simpler as Hunter Biden was just foolish and forgot to delete the hard drive.

To make matter worse, Hunter’s lawyer begged the repair shop to hand over the hard drives. Luckily, the owner was a Trump supporter.