During the final debate, there were several instances where the hot mic was hit when it came to immigration. President Trump wouldn’t let sleep Joe run away as he asked, “Who built the cages, Joe?” Since becoming president, Donald Trump has taken a bold stance on immigration, claiming the country’s safety as his reason. Well, keeping to his word, the President issued a final immigration rule banning gang members and convicted felons from seeking asylum in the United States.

Taking effect in less than a month, the new rule comes at the hands of not just the President but the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. Releasing a statement, federal officials said the plan is, “To ensure that criminal aliens cannot obtain this discretionary benefit, the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security have exercised their regulatory authority to limit eligibility for asylum for aliens who have engaged in specified categories of criminal behavior.”

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Under the new guidelines, any foreign national convicted of any of the following crimes will be returned to their home country immediately.

  • A felony under federal or state law
  • Alien smuggling or harboring
  • Illegal reentry
  • Criminal street gang activity
  • Drunk driving
  • Domestic abuse
  • Identity theft or using fraudulent identification
  • Possession or trafficking of drugs or drug paraphernalia

On top of his new orders, President Trump also gave power to the CDC to return illegal aliens to their home country if they pose a medical risk to the general public. With COVID-19 numbers still being tallied, the safety of the American people is of the utmost importance. Even the President has come under fire for his “Remain in Mexico” policy and closing the border to asylum seekers. Under his order in late June, over 95% of migrants have been returned to their home countries upon arrival. 

While President Trump wants to keep America safe and the economy thriving, the election could spell doom for the Republican star. Sadly, if Biden was to secure the White House, the borders would be overrun by illegal aliens seeking asylum and more importantly – convicted felons searching to do harm. Places along the border like California have seen record numbers in gun sales as more and more Americans are worried about border safety and most importantly – law and order.