With Joe Biden deciding not to participate in a second debate, the Democrats had a genius idea of having a classic town hall meeting. Tugging at the heartstrings of America, Biden was asked nothing but easy questions. Most of the time, it felt like a high school play more than a man wanting to be the next President of the United States. Luckily, a reporter was able to ask the Democrat nominee his thoughts on his son Hunter. Biden’s response is nothing but pure gold.

While standing near his plane, Biden was approached by CBS journalist Bo Erickson and asked a simple question – what were his thoughts on his son Hunter Biden? The former Vice President, who is known for having a temper, quickly snaps at the reporter. Watch the clip below.

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As you can see, Biden seems to be having a great night. He just came off one of the easiest Town Hall meetings in history, and CNN has him at an almost double-digit lead over President Trump. Biden seems completely oblivious to the fact that Hillary Clinton felt the same exact way in 2016. Let’s just hope Biden is smart enough to write a concession speech beforehand.

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Still, Biden acts cold towards Erickson as he snaps back, calling it a “smear campaign. I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Biden goes on to ramble some more before the clip ends. It’s interesting to note that Biden would call it a smear campaign. There seems to be no smearing at all on the side of the New York Posts. They were clearly given emails showing that Biden and his son were doing illegal business dealing with the Ukrainians. Their “pay to play” style of politics show just how much respect they actually have for the oval office.

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With a few weeks left before election night, it’s unclear if Biden will ever have to answer for his overseas dealings with Ukraine and the Chinese government. But with the media finally shedding light on his devious past, the polls are starting to show just how much people are listening as they tip in Trump’s favor.