The Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements shout and scream they want equality and justice for all, yet time and time again they choose violence over love. Just over the 2020 election, riots, looting, and murder have been a constant companion to both these movements, yet they cry whenever the police are called. Most recently, a video of BLM activists beating people and keying cars went viral, watch below.

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So-called Protesters traveled into San Bernardino and blocked off part of the road, causing delays in traffic and medical emergencies. For the people caught in the traffic, it could be described as a nightmare as protesters can be seen punching a woman in the face while a second man keys several cars all along the road.

Again, this is the movement of these protesters. The democrats have stood by them calling their movement an inspiration to all, but what is there to inspire? In the last month alone there have been numerous clips of protesters demanding people say and give them things. Not once have they been willing to have a conversation. They don’t want to talk as it seems all they want to do is fight and loot.

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As for the second video which can be seen below, a blue car is trying to make its way through the endless sea of rioters when a person appears to buck at the window. Alarmed, the car honks, trying to move out of the way. That is when a second man can be seen keying the car with his own set of keys.

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The recent rise in protesting comes after a San Bernardino officer shot a black man who was not only resisting arrest but also tried to pull a weapon on the officer. Not wanting backlash, the police department quickly released the video, hoping the protesters would see it was a matter of life and death. Still, the protesters didn’t seem to mind at all as they continued to scream their cause through the streets.

With the election just around the corner, police all over the country are preparing for a rise in looting and protests if President Trump wins a second term. And with the Democrats not willing to denounce the movements, the damage could be much worse given police are retiring in record numbers.