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Biden Continues to Deny BLM And Antifa Violence

Remember when President Trump denounced the violence that was ripping apart America. He knew that politics was the cause and he sought to end it. But what is even more surprising is how ole Sleepy Joe Biden was presented with the same problem and he has yet to even mention anything about the violence against Trump Supporters. Why wouldn’t he want to denounce violence against Americans? Maybe because that would mean going against Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Both claim they are the reason he won the election.

Over the weekend, thousands of Trump supporters flocked to the streets of D.C. They wanted to not only show their support for President Trump, but they wanted to show the Democratic party that they weren’t going to steal an election out from under the American people.

Carrying signs that read, “Trump 2020” and “Stop the Steal 2020”, the supporters showed their American pride with Flags and chants of praise. But at the same time, BLM and Antifa were marching against the parade, wanting to start nothing short of chaos.

Throughout the day, several Trump supporters, including a family with three children, would be assaulted by the BLM sympathizers. One man would even be completely knocked unconscious due to the injuries sustained at the hands of the so-called peaceful protestors.

After the smoke cleared the Trump Administration released a statement about the violence. They said, “It’s egregious to see that kind of violence break out against really peaceful individuals who were in D.C. to show support for President Trump. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this kind of violent attack has happened against Trump supporters.”

But what about the so-called President-elect? Where was he when all the violence was taking place? He was the one that was supposed to “Heal” America and yet he is nowhere to be found. Even Kamala Harris is incredibly quiet on the issue. They did finally release a statement about the acts of terror towards Trump supporters. It was through a spokesperson who said Biden, “continues to denounce all acts of violence.”

That was literally the best answer the entire Democratic party and all their writers could have come up with. Great Job.