We’ve slipped into an Orwellian world where the Department of Truth runs whatever you hear from the government. Of course it’s the truth. The press wouldn’t say or print it if it wasn’t, right? The press will hold government accountable, right?

FNC: “Joe Biden managed to coast through the 2020 election campaign without facing a serious grilling from the press, but even now and as the president-elect, his streak of receiving softball questions from reporters continues. Speaking briefly to reporters on Tuesday in Wilmington, Del., after he formally introduced members of his administration, Biden took a few questions. Biden was asked to weigh in on border tensions between Northern Ireland and Ireland, if he had spoken with White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, whether he has received an intelligence briefing, why he hadn’t announced his nominee for defense secretary, and whether he would meet with President Trump during the transition.”

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And now, the kind of tough questions the press asked of Trump, sort of, ‘You announced some key members of your cabinet today, a very experienced group, a very diverse group. Clearly, you’re trying to send a message. Can you articulate what that message is?’ Holt asked, after wiping his saliva off Biden’s shoes.

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Holt then asked about the status of the transition, whether he had any communication with President Trump, whether he ‘anticipates harm’ from the delayed transition, how his administration will roll out vaccine distribution, how much ‘influence’ he thinks he’ll have as president over the American people to combat the spread of the virus, what he’ll be ‘doing’ to get kids back into school and whether ‘priorities of correct’ regarding restaurants being opened while schools are closed in parts of the country.”

Even Fox took exception, “You’ve been watching to what amounts to a bit of a love fest here between the media,” said Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer.

The Hill columnist Joe Concha hit the soft treatment Biden got from the media, saying “This wasn’t softball. It was T-Ball when putting a beach ball on the tee. And Joe Biden not even calling on reporters himself, with a staffer deciding on a pre-determined list of approved journalists instead that never ask anything resembling an uncomfortable question,” Concha said. “If this a preview of the next four years, no thanks.”