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Defund The Police Movement Taking Hits

Hard left advocates are beginning to smell a bourgeoisie rat, as the incoming Biden administration is not giving a lot of attention to the Defund the Police movement. Did Biden just use them to get elected and now will revert to establishment SOP? The hard left seems to think so right now.

“What we’ve heard so far from the Democratic Party is what they’re not going to do,” defund supporter Andrea Ritchie told Mother Jones magazine. “I don’t expect they will be supportive of the main demand from the streets … It’s gonna be a fight. We’re not going away…”The demand is still to defund the police. And it’s gonna get louder and louder. And I don’t know that we even need to be the inside. They’re gonna hear it either way.”

“I’m very pessimistic about what we can expect, at least initially, from the Biden administration,” said Alex Vitale, a left wing professor. “He’s made it very clear that he wants to put more resources into policing, that he supports the kind of superficial and ineffective procedural reforms that the Obama administration proposed.”

Many Democrats think their horrible showing in 2020 House races had to do with support for the defund lunacy. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-SC, termed it left-wing “foolishness” that hurt moderate members, and Rep. Tim Ryan, D-OH, said it “hurt a lot of our candidates.”

In other amusing defund news. FNC: “Republican Marine veteran Kevin Lincoln unseated a Democrat mayor in Stockton, Calif., citing the residents placing ‘safety and security’ as their top need.”

“It all boils down to improving the quality of life for all Stocktonians in our city,” Lincoln told media. “Our homeless population … has not only plagued our city in our county but the state, and even has become a national epidemic here. It’s improving the quality of life, and again, the people of Stockton, they didn’t want to defund the police. When there wasn’t a clear defund the police movement, there was one at our Stockton Unified Scool district when the current mayor was open about supporting that initiative.

“When you have a city that you have a third of your population is under the age of 18, people want to ensure that their kids are safe. We have one of the largest school districts in the nation with over 50 schools and over 40,000 students and, so, safety and security throughout the city of Stockton is extremely important to the residents.”