With the election over, why does America still have its eyes on the polls? Especially in Georgia where the Democrats and Republicans are facing off in a contested battle. Maybe it has something to do with the Senate Runoff between Jon Ossoff and the Republican David Perdue. The outcome in the southern state could determine who not only controls the Senate but also the White House.

The 2020 election was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Democrats and their agenda. They learned how to cheat and steal an entire election, in front of the American people, and get away with it. The voter suppression and election meddling alone should be more than enough to get the federal authorities involved, but no – what does the media do? They turn a blind eye and now we are watching the Democrats do it again in Georgia.

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But not all is lost. There is still hope for Georgia and the Republicans that call it home, but only if they show up in full force come election day. They need to stand ready to question any ballot that may be invalid. The Democrats have become cocky and showed their hand earlier this week when they encouraged party members to move to Georgia in order to swing the election in their favor. By the way, that is a felony in the state, but since it’s the Democrats – don’t count on the media covering that story.

As for the voters themselves, here are a couple of tools you can use to help fight the Democrats from silencing your voice. First off – CHALLENGE everything. Don’t sit idly by why the Democrats try to steal another election from the American people. Now is the time to stand up when you know something isn’t right. Do more than just vote. Volunteer at the poll stations where you live. Inform people of the issues the Republican party is facing. Make sure they know how to vote via mail-in ballot. You can even fashion a vote-by-mail turnout system to help the voters get their ballots in on time.

And lastly, flood social media and the airwaves with hard-hitting facts. It was a sad day in America when the Democrats decided to cheat the American people out of a fair election. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up and be heard. We may have lost the battle for the White House, but we will not lose the war for America.