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New GOP Rep. Burgess Owens Introduces The Freedom Force

When it comes to well known US House legislative groupings, the Democrats bring to the table a bartender, two raging antisemites, and a certified lunatic.

The Republicans, because of their congressional romp in the recent elections…

…can see their 2 pair and raise them at least 9. So take a face pill, Squad. Make way for the… Freedom Force? Okay, a little cartoony. But, that’s what they seem to have settled on (Rep-elect Byron Donalds’ suggestion of “Voltron” was soooo much cooler). Thus, Freedom Force it is.

FNC: “Retired NFL safety Burgess Owens, now the congressman-elect in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, touted the new coalition of Republican women and minority lawmakers during an appearance on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ ”

“It’s interesting because we have a group of people who came in, we are very diverse and different races. We share in common the love for our country. I have to thank the American people across the country. We flipped over 14 seats and we did not lose one. It was a message for the American people [that] we want to get back to basics and we love our nation. This group will be … giving a contrast to the hard left. We have … a group of people who believe in God, country, and family; a respect for women and authority — and the other side that hates everything I mentioned…The American people drift towards light. They are going to love the messaging and policies we put in place. We are all about the middle class thriv[ing].”

On their backstories? “We’ve all dealt with the harshness, the evil of socialism and Marxism. So we can talk from experience. I’m part of a generation that got snookered by the left.”

Other members of the Freedom Force include Republican Reps.-elect Carlos Gimenez, Maria Elvira Salazar and Byron Donalds of Florida; Michelle Steel of California; Nicole Malliotakis of New York; Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma; and Victoria Spartz of Indiana.

Then Owens goes in for the kill, “Because unlike the leftists, which are racist, the American people believe in the same thing: We want hope … and opportunity, and the chance to get out there and work for our dreams.”