The Nazis and the Soviets came up with it. The Democrats and their lapdog press seem to have perfected it. Must admit this, it is based on a highly accurate view of the base and gullible core of human nature. And it betrays an astounding nervous arrogance on the part of the press. Nervous, because they just might get caught.


It’s the Big Lie. Repeat something often enough and many will believe it. Today it’s being used to convince Americans that Joe Biden has already been elected president. The court cases are pending and the recounts haven’t begun yet, but the press and their Democrat masters want us to stop thinking about it, surrender, and move on. No. If we fairly lost, fine. But we won’t have our republic stolen from us.

The Nazis and their Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels, who today would work at the Democratic National Committee, repeated the Big Lie about Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, Roma, the disabled, and many others. They were all supposedly fit for destruction because of the harm they had done Germany or the burden they placed upon German society. Ummm, what harm or burden? The Jews had enriched Germany immeasurably in many areas. The others were innocent victims. But the Big Lie motivated the most advanced country in the world to turn, in about twenty years, into a slobbering pack of vicious gangsters devoid of culture, devoid of humanity.

Do you think Dr. Fauci has any credibility left?

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The Soviets took the Nazi racial insanity, copied it, and then kicked it up a notch into murderous class warfare, much like today’s Democrats and their press underlings at Fox News Channel, etc. Kulaks, poor farmers barely making subsistence, Ukrainians, Asian peoples in their hinterlands, Jews, democrats, Czarists, and early communists themselves all fell under the whip and were worked to death in the gulag camps of the Kolyma and other such Stalinist pleasure spots. All done by the same Big Lie Democrats use: hate your neighbor who has worked hard and done well, report on them, make them pay for their work ethic.

So we see where the Democrats and the press get their inspiration. From the Nazis come their racist notions of pitting one race against another. From the Soviets they learned class warfare and hatred of the American work ethic. From both they learned the primacy of their political party above all. If Joe Biden becomes president, we will learn the price of their education.