The president is frustrated over his legal campaign to get election results overturned in several states, most of which have already certified the election and will send their electors to vote for Joe Biden on December 14th at the meeting of the Electoral College. The president has stated he will abide by the result of the Electoral College. But on Sunday morning in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox, the president was sounding defiant, yet stymied.

“We’re not allowed to put in our proof. They say you don’t have standing. I would like to file one nice big beautiful lawsuit, talking about this and many other things, with tremendous proof. We have affidavits, we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits. You mean as president of the United States, I don’t have standing? What kind of a court system is this?”

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The president said the Supreme Court needs to be “willing to make a real big decision…The problem is, it’s hard to get into the Supreme Court. I’ve got the best Supreme Court advocates, lawyers that want to argue the case if it gets there.” The president is correct. The Supreme Court may decline to hear the case.

“We’re trying to put the evidence in, and the judges won’t allow us to do it. We have so much evidence. You probably saw Wednesday last week we had a hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. … Unbelievable witnesses, highly-respected people, that were truly aggrieved…My mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here. If Republicans allow it to happen, you’ll never have another Republican elected in the history of this country, at a Senate level or at a presidential level.”

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The president is incorrect. As the president and his team are making the charges, the burden of proof falls on them. Joe Biden will enter the White House if he wins the Electoral College. He, legally, has nothing more to prove nor will he have any problem assuming office. It is a sad reality, but it is the reality. Adults who reason and do not confuse emotions for objective reality understand that.

Republican Judge Ken Starr, former Solicitor General and prosecutor of Bill Clinton, told media he is not confident about the president’s case. “But the difficulty now is translating those allegations, intuitions and the reports into actual admissible evidence in court. Rudy [Giuliani] in the Pennsylvania litigation … said according to the opinion, this case is not about fraud. Well, at this stage we need to have the evidence.”

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A highly placed Pennsylvania GOP source told LifeZette that the president was damaging the Republican Party now and in the future by his election challenge, “It is amazing the damage Trump is doing to the Republican party at this point. The amazing thing is he is also solidifying his record in history. Historians will forget the tremendous economy before the policy successes and remember him as a president who with no evidence whatsoever cried wolf. I personally know the federal judges who had his cases. The two that wrote opinions are rock solid conservatives…In normal circumstances since Biden won not because people voted for his platform but because enough people were voting against Trump therefore 2022 would be an awesome year for Republicans…However if Trump continues on his ‘election was stolen’ song and immediately begins campaigning for 2024 he will put a cloud over the 2022 elections.”