Almost a week has passed since the Presidential election and America has yet to know who the next President will be. Both parties are claiming victory while the Democrats continue to funnel fake ballots into states like Pennsylvania and Georgia. Both states had a hefty lead for President Trump until Friday morning when they miraculously turned blue. Now, President Trump and the Republicans are filing lawsuits against the counting of improper ballets.

The problem first arrived when ballots were being counted that excluded crucial voter information like their name. Since all the votes were for Biden, the Democrats called it a miracle and didn’t think the wiser, yet President Trump labeled it fraud and quickly went on the defense. The lawsuit, which hasn’t been ruled on yet, did agree that something strange was happening. The judge over the case released a statement saying the ballots are to be segregated from the rest of the votes that have been tallied. That doesn’t mean they won’t be counted in the future, but that depends on how the case turns out.

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As it stands now, the pause of counting votes is a huge win for President Trump as he continues to fight against the corrupt Democrats who claim Biden outperformed Trump in the 2020 election. It is also interesting to note, that in states like Michigan, a mysteriously large amount of Biden votes were found unattended, and without second-guessing their authenticity, city officials went ahead and counted those votes.

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This is plain and simple – voter fraud. The Democrats knew early on in the race that Biden had a low chance of winning the election, so they decided to go with plan B, which was to rig the election using fake ballots.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the Democrats tried to thwart Trump’s re-election. During the counting phase, poll watchers and American citizens were kept from validating and monitoring the voting process. Just yesterday, clips and pictures were posted on Twitter showing how police officers barricaded the doors and put blinders over the windows to keep people from watching what was taking place inside the TCF voting center.