It’s time to wake up America. The Democrats are unwilling to denounce the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movement that has ruined lives all over the country. They claim to be part of peaceful protests and even get encouragement from former President Barack Obama, but on Friday, protesters descended on Washington and what happened next was nothing short of a dystopian novel as they ransacked the city.

In wake of the Walter Wallace Jr. shooting, protesting has seen a rise all across America. States like Wisconsin have even called in the National Guard to help suppress the violence that is sure to happen come election night. Crossing the Columbia River, Portland Antifa Protestors set their eyes on Washington, harassing patrons along the way and even assaulting members of the opposite party.

In the video below, protesters thought it was a great idea to try and sway voters to their way of thinking by doing nothing more than yelling at them and in one case – assaulting a person. The violence seen from Antifa and BLM is nothing new. Since May, both groups have run rapidly across America without any form of restriction from the Democrats. While the Republicans try to save America from COVID-19, the Democrats praise movements like Black Lives Matter and these self-proclaimed peaceful protesters.

As they continued to assault people on the street, one of the protesters noticed a truck with an American flag on the back. While the truck was trying to turn around and go the other way, protesters stole the flag and quickly ran away. What they did next has only been seen by opposing countries that want nothing more than to destroy this great country. But sharing their ideologies, these protesters set the American Flag on fire while chanting and cheering.

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After the impromptu flag burning ceremony, protesters set their eyes on the entertainment district of Washington. Crowded with patrons, the movements continued to harass and assault people all along the district. It’s unclear if the people shared the same beliefs as the protesters, but from what was seen – Antifa only wanted to cause destruction and chaos as election night draws ever closer.