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WATCH: Biden Says He Will Cure Cancer, Spent $0 On Research

Throughout Presidential campaigns, there have been millions of promises made and even more unfulfilled. That is one reason America elected President Trump in the first place. They were tired of empty promises and failed politicians, and here was a person who not only promised but actually fulfilled those promises. But what about the so-called President-Elect? What has he claimed to do as the next President of the United States? Let’s take a look.

In the video below, you are going to see the moment many supporters should have tuned Joe Biden out and looked for another person for President. The lifelong Democrat decided to tell a crowd of people that he will cure cancer. Before we move on, just click on the clip below and watch for yourself.

That’s it. The man who thought it was best to run and hide in a basement during the COVID-19 pandemic is now saying he will take on a disease that pales in comparison with the coronavirus. Millions of families have been affected by cancer and they all wish to have their loved ones back. And here we have Joe Biden literally claiming in front of these families that he will cure cancer. But I promise you – it gets even better.

Joe Biden is not a person of the people – he is a person for himself and his family. Not only did the Hunter Biden scandal show that Joe Biden had a “pay for play” kind of service and benefited off of his position, but then he started a Cancer Foundation that spent $0 on research. That’s right. Like many of the foundations around the country, Biden started one with the eye to help those fighting cancer, but how can you do that when your friends are busy taking the money from the foundation. Don’t believe me, just click on the video above and watch for yourself.

It is simple – Joe Biden is not the person that is going to “Heal” America. He is the man that will STEAL America from the people. He has spent his life in politics and what has he to show for it – nothing. Now, he wants a chance to become POTUS and if he can’t get it – he will steal it.