As the days go on and the Presidential election seems like it will never end, Joe Biden continues to walk around like he owns the place. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Biden was scared, telling people to go back inside out of fear of COVID-19. But just because Biden might be the President-elect, that doesn’t mean it gives him a pass on his usual Biden antics like slurred speech.

In the video you are about to see, Biden does what Biden does best. He fumbles and stumbles his way through a speech and if that isn’t bad enough – he completely forgets where he is at in the conversation. Just go ahead and watch the clip for yourself.

Sadly, if you didn’t catch that, I won’t be able to translate. From what I can gather, the so-called president-elect was talking about businesses and what they need when he goes completely off-script. At first, he is talking about businesses and what they need to operate, and then before you know it we are talking about COVID-19 and what Andrew Cuomo needs. It’s as if the man had a mental meltdown and forgets what he is actually talking about.

This is one of the reasons why Joe Biden should have never been put up for the Presidential position in the first place. I am not a doctor, but many have claimed something is off with Joe Biden. I’m not sure if it is a cry for help or if old age is finally catching up to the corrupt politician but something is off.

The main issue with Joe Biden is he isn’t the best person to hold the title of President in the United States. The Democrats had the choice of 25 other people. Even Kamala Harris slammed Biden and called him a racist. But remember she took it all back when he pointed at her for the VP role. Biden is just another corrupt politician that will do exactly what they all do – look out for themselves.

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Luckily, the country will not end under his watch because this is America and we will not sit idly by while someone fumbles and stumbles their way into the oval office.