With the election less than 24 hours away, it’s time to take a look back at what Joe Biden did over the weekend. Unlike most weekends spent at home, Biden took to the streets, hoping to win over some voters, but what he got instead was a heated conversation, several mishaps, and the signature Biden stumble.

Coming in first, Joe Biden had a peculiar town hall meeting when the question about his son’s business dealing came up. A concerned citizen, like most of us, wanted to know why Biden and his son did shady business practices with China and Ukraine. Being on the spot, this was the moment for Biden to set the record straight, but instead, he went with the easy way out by saying, “You’re a damn liar!” Watch below as he even challenges the man to a strength contest.

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That’s right. A presidential candidate ahead of one of the biggest moments in his professional life called a registered voter a “Damn Liar” on national television. That is more than enough to fill one article, but luckily Biden didn’t stop there as he had more campaigning to do and people to yell at.

That brings us to Biden mishap number two. Stopping by Philadelphia, Biden wanted to show his support for the city by wearing an eagle’s jacket. That would have been a great moment to end his speech, but the only problem – he wasn’t wearing an eagle’s jacket. He was actually wearing a Delaware Blue Hens jacket but who would have known the difference. Maybe just maybe somebody that wanted to win over voters and become the next President of the United States.

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And lastly, it wouldn’t be a Joe Biden article without some word association. Over the weekend, Biden decided he would make up a few words of his own. As you can see above, Biden is talking about his policies when he gets a little heated. He tries to explain his in-depth plan to fix America but completely shuts down, stumbling over his words and speech.

Surprisingly, with all the bad news and stumbling Biden has had, he is only 24 hours away from an election that could make him the next POTUS and he can barely form a sentence.