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WATCH: N.Y. Business Owner Rips Up $15K Government Fine

Many Americans, like Robby Dinero, are finding out what it is like to go up against the Democrats and their immeasurable power. Over the past couple of months, the Democrats have attacked America using the coronavirus as their front. They claim we need more shutdowns while they galivant around the country, living off the money Americans aren’t making. That is what Robby Dinero is fighting for when his business was slapped with a $15,000 fine for his after-hour protests.

If the name Robby Dinero rings a bell that is because the gym owner went viral when he chased a country health inspector and police officer off of business property for not having a warrant. Now, thanks to the Democrats and Andrew Cuomo, Dinero could pay a hefty fine for exercising his American rights.

Not seeing failure as an option, the veteran went on Fox News to tell his story in his own words. He said,  “My business is closed, just like they want me to but I was here after hours and the sheriff came again, escorting a Department of Health official. I told them to get off my property…I told them to make an appointment and come back. Any infringement on our liberty goes too far. We are born with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator. They are guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights,” said Dinero. “Our freedom cannot end where people’s fear starts.”

As for Andrew Cuomo, Dinero didn’t have any mixed emotions when talking about the Democratic Governor who is single-handedly destroying New York City. Dinero said the Governor has to be out of his mind if he believes he will shut down the city again.

Dinero also stated, “Come to my dinner table and look our kids in the eyes and say ‘your father and your mother isn’t an essential worker.’ They also don’t have the guts to answer why they get to draw a $225,000 salary for Governor Cuomo and for Polancarz $103,000 salary, but the working man and woman doesn’t get to earn. They get to take our money but we don’t get to earn. They don’t have the guts to tell us that. That’s the worst kind of leadership.”

Since ripping up the fine on national television, the veteran’s GoFundMe page has surpassed its $15,000 goal and is now primarily going towards a team of lawyers to fight the Democrats and their reign of terror on the American people.