Given the turmoil around the 2020 election, it is understandable why the Republicans would be upset over the constant waiting and counting taking place in states like Georgia and Nevada. Since being elected, President Trump has been very vocal with America, using social media to keep them up to date with the current political climate. Now it seems that the media is turning against the President once again as MSNBC cut away from Trump’s turbulent speech about voter fraud. Their reasoning – they claim that the President’s remarks were dangerous.

As you can see in the video below, the President tries to make a speech about the election fraud taking place. While lawsuits continued to be hurled at different states, President Trump wants to keep the American people informed, but MSNBC believes they know better. The President wasn’t on their channel for more than a minute, when they cut away to fact check him and even chastise him for saying the election is rigged. Take a look.

This is one of the major issues with the political circle of news media. They believe they are the gatekeepers of the news. What you just witnessed is a clear violation of Freedom of Speech. The President of the United States, the most powerful man in America, is being silenced due to his stance. He claims there have been numerous attempts to steal the election, which there has been. In Michigan over 100,000 votes mysteriously show up and all the absentee ballots just happen to be for Biden? If that isn’t enough evidence – then what is?

Even ABC host David Muir cut away from the speech, citing it was nothing but lies from a person who doesn’t want to leave the White House. He would later explain his reasoning behind the move, saying “(President Trump) knew exactly what he was doing, this large audience across the broadcast networks, in coming on in the middle of our newscasts tonight. We knew when we heard that – ‘if you count legal votes, I easily win, if you count illegal votes, they could try to steal the election’ – that it was time to pull out of that and fact-check it in real-time. We’re not witnessing anyone stealing anything tonight. This is democracy and we asked the American people to be patient.”

That’s right America – be patient while the Democrats undermine the entire voting process so they can correct a mistake they made four years ago. It isn’t about America to them – it is and always will be about winning.

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