It wasn’t more than a few days ago that the nation wanted to turn its backs on Tucker Carlson. Republicans were calling for a boycott while the hosts wouldn’t stop hounding the right side for evidence of election meddling. Well, like most – it didn’t take long for Carlson to look at the facts and determine for himself that this election was not accurate. That is exactly what he was saying last night on his show when he attacked big tech for stealing American democracy.

In the video below, you will see Tucker Carlson show what many Americans don’t have – patience. See, it wasn’t the fact that there could have been voter fraud taking place in the 2020 election. Tucker Carlson just waited for the dust to settle before he made a comment on the election and what may have taken place. Well, click on the video and hear his stance.

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There you have it. Reasonable thinking. He doesn’t make claims or go off on some outrageous theory – he just stats the fact. There is something that happened during the election and as Carlson put it, we shouldn’t stop until we know exactly what took place during this Presidential election.

Another interesting note to make is that Carlson goes against his own platform to give the American people this update. While the rest of fox turns away from Trump and the idea of election fraud, Carlson leans into it, not wanting to sweep it under the rug just because everyone else is.

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While Carlson made several key points in the video and if you haven’t watched it then you might want to go ahead and click the link above. It’s interesting what Carlson said about other countries and how they don’t use electronic voting during their own elections. Why is this? Simple – fraud. But why would we use it here in our elections when other lesser countries use traditional hand counting?

There are many questions left unanswered when you are discussing the 2020 election, but as Carlson put it, the system stops working when the people stop believing in it. What does America want to believe in?