When it comes to election meddling and voter fraud, the media has been rather silent. Both CNN and Fox News have gone about their days as if Joe Biden won the presidency, but guess what – something illegal happened during the 2020 election. That is what most Americans are upset about. Most recently, Tucker Carlson took to scolding Sidney Powell over claiming that the algorithm used in the voting software was defective.

It’s not surprising that Fox News would get upset at Sidney Powell and her remarks about the alleged voter fraud that may have taken place, but it is what Tucker Carlson does next that has many people upset. Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

While Tucker Carlson makes some good points, it is his attack on Powell that is misguided. The Democrats and the media don’t want to believe that voter fraud is possible. They want to go about their lives believing in Democracy and the safeguard that was put in place decades ago. But sadly, that is not the case, somewhere – someone knows something and that is what America is eager to find out.

But for some odd reason that has yet to be known to the country, the media doesn’t dare want to talk about it. The last person that tried to bring up anything remotely around election fraud was President Trump and he was quickly shunned from the stations.

While Carlson’s remarks seemed sincere, it should be noted that Powell would respond to the host, claiming that he didn’t want to discuss any of the election fraud. Powell said she even tried to get him in touch with someone who knew more about the voting machines and the systems that run them. Yet – Carlson didn’t want any of it. According to Powell, Carlson was short and rude before she decided to end the conversation.

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Although both sides are at a fever pitch and rightly so, we shouldn’t be fighting with each other. The enemy is not the left or right – it is the systems that are controlling the elections. There is and has been clear evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election and the media has yet to acknowledge it. How long before they finally come to terms that their Democracy is in peril?