Tuesday evening word leaked out from the State Department that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the president were considering relisting Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. The communist run prison island had been designated as such until, in a fit of ideological solidarity, the Obama administration removed it from the list in 2015.

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Cuba has exported terrorism since the communists took over there in 1959. First to the Americas and Vietnam. Later to Africa. It sponsored Marxist insurrections across the Western hemisphere for decades and still is a haven for narcoterrorism and international killers. Cuba deserves any sanction we can lay on it and much more, as it is 90 miles from our shores and remains a geopolitical threat.

FNC: “The government of Cuba could be added to the U.S. list of states that sponsor terrorism, if Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signs on to a State Department proposal as the Trump administration winds down. A source familiar with the discussions confirms senior State Department officials are considering the designation, which, days ahead of the next administration, would move the U.S. even further from the Obama-era reconciliation with Havana.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

“A designation would trigger automatic sanctions against Cuba’s government and add it to a list including North Korea, Iran and Syria as the only nations the U.S. has designated as state sponsors of terrorism. It was not immediately clear whether Pompeo intended to implement the proposal, reported earlier in The New York Times…The Reagan administration initially placed Cuba on the list in the early 1980s. It remained there until 2015, when the Obama administration normalized relations after decades of Communist control. The State Department announced this past May that Cuba was among five countries that failed to fully cooperate with U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

“The other four were the three on the state sponsor list and Venezuela. State Department officials said Cuba refused to extradite 10 suspects wanted in Colombia for a police academy bombing that killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Authorities also accused Cuba of harboring multiple American fugitives, including Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur. She was convicted of killing New Jersey state Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973.” From its inception as a communist regime to now, Cuba has been a terrorist state. It’s time it was treated like one again.