COVID-19 caught the United States off-guard. We weren’t prepared for it like we should have been, but as Americans – we banded together and learned a lot from the ordeal, especially when it comes to the Democrats. When the government or a company needs help, they don’t hesitate to turn to the American people, but what happened when the people needed help? I’m talking about the coronavirus relief aid that never came. Remember the money we were promised, well according to House Minority Leader, it was denied by the Democrats not just once but 40 times.

Not just once, but 40 times the Democrats had the chance to accept another relief bill that would have put food on the table for millions of Americans, yet what did they do – NOTHING. Like always, they point the finger at President Trump and his Administration, but who is really to blame – the Democrats.

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No one has been harder on the Democrats for their part in the relief package than House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He said, “Working with President Trump, with Mnuchin, and with McConnell, I feel we’ve got a better opportunity now than at any time. I think those members on the Democratic side who said they would sign a discharge petition. If they would sign that discharge petition, I bet you would get a COVID bill that day.”

But why wasn’t the relief bill one of the top priorities for the Democrats? McCarthy has an answer for that as well. According to him, they were too busy discussing cats and pot to really care about the American people. In a tweet featured below, McCarthy shows what tough issues the House Democrats had to tackle while the rest of us try to figure out where our next meal is coming from.

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With each passing article, it is amazing that the Democratic party is still around. They do nothing but bask in their own vanity and live off the American people. And when we need help, they run and hide as if they aren’t even home. I don’t know about you, but this is not the America I want or even asked for.