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Joe Biden’s Education Prospect Praised Communist China School System

With reports coming out that the single most dangerous threat to the United States is China, you believe the President-elect and anyone around him would do whatever they could to distance themselves. And since we are dealing with the Democrats, you can bet they will act as if they never had to deal with the Chinese government before. But what is interesting is how Biden’s top picks for his Administration are not only pro-China but seem to praise the way they raise their children, which if you didn’t know, prepare yourself.

The person in question is Linda Darling-Hammond. While a sweet name, this Stanford University professor has a history of praising the Chinese government and the so-called magical work they do within their education system. In her 2017 book, she said, “Teachers in China are revered as elders, role models, and those whom parents entrust to shape the future of their children. In the Tao traditions of ritual, the phrase ‘heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher’ is repeated and becomes ingrained in how people see themselves holistically governed and supported.”

It should be noted that the word sovereign refers to the leader of China President Xi Jinping. Also, it appears that the professor might not know a whole lot about the Chinese education system as it is. The government not only runs the education system with an iron fist, but they also send out agents to certain schools to make sure the curriculum is not only being taught in the right way, but there is no western influence in the teachings.

When talking about the education system in China, President Xi said education must, “serve the Communist Party in its management of the country and adherence to the Party’s leadership is essential to the development of higher education in the country.”

But remember, this is the country that Hammond praises and she is being eyed as Biden’s top pick for education. Do you not see the problem with this? Not to mention that Biden hasn’t even won the election yet, but to see the people he is trying to put in power is scary.

And let’s not forget about the children. In China, there is a 60% failure rate among kids reaching high school. That is the kind of system that Hammond would want here. A system that discriminates against the middle and lower class and only favors the rich.