The Democrats have found themselves in a predicament when it comes to their President-elect Joe Biden. They have spent millions of dollars trying to make the American people fall in love with the man who built cages for immigrants seeking asylum in America. That doesn’t even touch on his years in office, his pay for play political circus, or his son, Hunter Biden. Add all his corrupt dealings and Joe Biden is the next Marvel villain. But what if the Democrats aren’t looking at Biden as the next President?

There has been a theory circulating the internet that the Democrats didn’t believe Joe Biden was going to become the next President of the United States. As with Hillary, they wanted a female in the Oval Office. Lucky for them, they landed Kamala Harris as Biden’s VP, and the pair seem to get along. Other than the fact that Harris labeled Biden as a racist during the debates, but that was quickly forgotten by the media. The theory goes that Biden will mysteriously step down due to health reasons and Harris will step up and become the first female POTUS.

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Again, this is all just a theory and has no evidence as of yet. But it should be noted that Biden has been messing up, slurring his speech, and even referring to Harris and the next President. In the video below, you will see Biden giving another bland speech when he refers to Harris as the “President-elect”. Go ahead and watch for yourself.

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While just a theory being passed around the deep alleys of the internet, this isn’t the first time Biden has called Harris the next President. Just a few weeks back and several times during his campaign, Biden would often call Harris President-elect.

So, is Harris really going to be just a Vice President, or are the Democrats working to move the withered Biden out of office? Well, if you listen to Joe Biden it appears that it might be more than just a theory – there could a deeper plan in motion to help Harris take over as the next President.