Since 1907, people all around the world have descended on Time Square to celebrate the New Year. Watching the ball drop, newfound love, people celebrating another year. It is considered a pastime celebrated all around the world. But that wasn’t the case in 2020. Instead of people cramming the streets, the Democrats turned New York into a wasteland, but don’t worry – the Governor was there to dance and celebrate with his wife. New York wasn’t the only hotspot to take a hit during the New Year. Los Angeles, another Democratic hotspot, also cracked down on the NYE celebrations.

Knowing that there would be people out there wanting to bring in the new year with friends and family, the Democrats saw an opportunity to extend their power and release what they are calling the “Super-Spreader Task Force”. This task force has a simple job, find people who are breaking the outlandish COVID-19 mandates set by the Democrats and either fine them or detain them.

It doesn’t matter that months ago, thousands of scientists and doctors signed a petition claiming that the current plans of lockdowns are doing very little to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Still, the Democrats aren’t set on helping the American people. It is about power, so they released their task force in L.A. to help stop speakeasy 2021 NYE parties from taking place.

Instead of educating and practicing what you preach, the Democrats, with the help from police, detained over 900 partygoers in L.A. alone. That doesn’t add the 100 people who were fined for putting on the secret parties all over the city.

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The task force was dispatched to five separate locations over the course of New Year’s Eve, where they found secret parties taking place. While the numbers definitely exceeded the social gathering mandate put into effect by the Democrats, it should be noted that all of the participants were either in their late teens or early twenties.

It shouldn’t be surprising that majority of the partygoers were teenagers. But again, instead of educating and informing about the supposed dangers of COVID-19, the Democrats are satisfied with using force and fines to send their message. But don’t worry, the Black Lives Matter is still free to loot and riot without any interference.