It must be really embarrassing to be a media or PR flack for the Iranian government. Or for that matter, for any anti-American or anti-Israeli government in the Middle East. Because the song in that regard has been the same since 1948. “Death to Israel!” “Death to the Great Satan” “We will drive the Jews into the sea!” “Trump is a dead man!”

Then, inevitably soon fast forward to Arab armor burning in the Negev and Golan or Americans safe and sound while Iranian terrorist generals go kaboom at airports, and you get the credibility factor of threats from the wackier nations in the region, like the Iranians. Their latest threat to the president is no different and goes into the absurd and terrified hyperbole category that has always typified many Arab and Iranian pronouncements. And threats against Donald Trump? They should know by now, this guy doesn’t scare easy.

FNC: “President Trump and anyone else linked to the U.S. strike one year ago that killed a notorious Iranian general ‘will not be safe on Earth,’ a top official in Tehran warned Friday, according to a report. Speaking in Tehran on Friday, Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s judiciary chief, said not even Trump was ‘immune from justice’ for his role in the strike in Baghdad that killed Gen. Qasem Soleimani, a major general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Times of Israel reported. ‘They will witness severe revenge,’ Raisi told the gathering at Tehran University, referring to Trump and U.S. military leaders. ‘What has come so far has only been glimpses.’ ” Yeah, glimpses of sad impotence from Iran.

“Do not presume that someone, as the president of America, who appeared as a murderer or ordered a murder, may be immune from justice being carried out. Never,” Raisi also reportedly said. “Those who had a role in this assassination and crime will not be safe on Earth.” But they’re okay on Neptune. Yup, no problem there.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry helpfully chimed in. “By committing a craven act of terror against Gen Soleimani, the US violated int’l law & the UN Charter in a blatant violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Iran won’t rest until bringing those responsbile to justice.”

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The president’s still current response to the Iranians?