Since winning the election, the Democrats, with the help from the media, have waged a full-on attack on President Donald Trump and his followers. At first, the Democrats were happy with just shaming anyone who endorsed President Trump, but now that they control all of Washington, they’re completely out of control. After the Capitol riots, the Dems not only sought impeachment, but Big Tech took it upon themselves to permanently ban President Trump from social media.

Following suit, it wasn’t long before social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also placed bans on any account related to President Trump. The highly popular live-streaming website Twitch decided to remove any content related to what they are calling “Trumpism”. Other big tech companies that have also made moves against Trump and his supporters include Apple, Google, PayPal, and Discord.

While many of the liberal left is applauding the moves from Big Tech companies, leaders around the world are weighing in on the recent developments.

Surprisingly, both Germany and France had harsh criticism for allowing companies to dictate freedom of speech. Speaking on the subject, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes it is a slippery slope allowing companies not elected to dictate government policies.

Fortune reported, “The chancellor sees the complete closing down of the account of an elected president as problematic,” Seibert said, according to Fortune, adding that the freedom of speech “can be interfered with, but by law and within the framework defined by the legislature — not according to a corporate decision.”

Siding with Germany and believing the United States is heading down a dangerous road, France Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire shared Germany’s statement on the matter. Le Maire told the Financial Times that he was not only shocked by the move from Twitter, but “the Digital regulation should not be done by the digital oligarchy itself, regulation of the digital arena is a matter for the sovereign people, governments and the judiciary.”

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While the left continues to celebrate as companies take more and more control over their lives, not everyone in the United States is sharing their excitement. Naturally, the President received an overwhelming amount of support from fellow Republicans, but even the ACLU is backing Trump and his freedom of speech.